Welcome to the ENGL 301 Writing and the Teaching of Writing Web Space

It's going to be the biggest summer blockbuster of them all.

No, really.

It will.

You can look to this space for three different kinds of information:

1. You'll find a page with all of the scanned readings that appear on the syllabus. I'll mark those readings with the date they are due to be read in class. If it turns out that some books don't become available on time, this is also where I post scanned versions of those readings. Click on the "readings" link to the left of this space for those readings.

2. Click on the "book club" DISCUSSION LINK for your novel to see about our one on-line book club meeting. I was thinking that we would still do this in-class, but I'm wondering if perhaps we should actually conduct it outside of class. We can talk about it. Either way, you'll see that there are specific prompts designed for each novel.Respond appropriately. Click on either "Never" or "Plague" depending on what book you are reading in the DISCUSSION section that you can reach by clicking in the discussion tab above.

3. You'll find my in-class writings/class notes (when I take them)/drafts of assignments that I work on as well. You are under no obligation to read these. I'm just telling you they are there. Click on "LT's Writing" to the left of this space for that material.

Here's what you CAN'T FIND in this space:

Basically, any of the material that is on the course website is not repeated here. But you can reach our course website by clicking on this link: Lee Torda's Summer 2011 Teaching Website